Yes..! And the reason is the way we legally structure our Co-op Dealerships.  All of our dealerships are setup as Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) and we simply make you a member of that LLC.  This gives you the legal right to buy and sell cars for the dealership.  All vehicles are bought and sold under the dealership name, yet you keep all the profits that you generate because you are a member of the LLC.

Remember, you are not personally selling cars with our program..!  The dealership that you are a member of is selling the car.  And all of our Co-op Dealerships have retail dealer licenses, so yes cars can be sold directly to the public.

Remember, you are not personally selling cars with our program..! The dealership that you are a member of is selling the car..! The dealership manager conducts the paperwork for each sale at the dealership location. You, as the member are simply delivering the car to the customer. We do not recommend bringing strangers to your home for safety reasons.

Each member gets one (1) fully insured dealer plate.

Yes, as a member of our Co-op Dealership Program, you will have access to auctions like Manheim.com and Adesa.com as well as most independent auctions.  Be aware that you the member are responsible for any and all auction fees including but not limited to signup fees, run fees, annual renewal fees, arbitration fees, etc.

No. Licensed car dealers are exempt from paying sales tax on any vehicles they purchase.

Yes.  At the end of the year the Co-op Dealership will give you a 1099 for your gross sales.  You are required to keep track of all your expenses and your cost of goods sold.  You will then need to pay income tax on the net profit from your activities.  If you operate as an individual you will need to file a Schedule C with your 1040.  We are able to “1099” a valid Limited Liability Company or Corporation if you wish.

We have Co-op Dealerships located nationwide and we try to place you on a dealership as close to you as possible. Be aware that you do not need a used car dealer license from your state to buy and sell cars in your state. A used car dealer license transcends state lines. A dealership in any state can legally sell cars nationwide, to anyone with no restrictions..!  We strongly suggest our members to educate themselves with Interstate Commerce Laws and Dormant Commerce Clause.

Remember, you are not personally selling cars with our program..! The dealership that you are a member of is selling the car..! You are not “using” our dealer license, as that would be illegal. You will be a member of a dealership with a valid dealer license. And that dealership has the legal right to sell cars to anyone in any state. Dealerships are not restricted to just buying and selling cars within their state. AGAIN, you are not “using” a dealer license to “sell” cars in your state..! That is not what our program is about..!

We get people set up within 24 to 48 hours.

Yes..! Using our Co-op Dealer License Program does not absolve you from adhering to local, state or federal laws.

No..!  The dealer plate that is issued is for business use only. Business use means things like transporting a car from the auction to the dealership, or transporting a car from the dealership to a mechanic, and/or test-driving with a customer.  Driving from a restaurant to your home, or running daily errands is not business use and you are responsible for any and all tickets as a result of such misuse.

Our program provides $100,000 liability and $30,000 of physical damage with a $2,000 or 10% deductible, which ever is greater. Physical damage covers fire, theft, comprehensive and collision. If you have questions about the amount of insurance coverage or have a special request for more insurance please feel free to call our office.

Our insurance company will not add you to the dealership policy unless you have personal automobile insurance.

The company behind DealerLicense.net has been providing the Co-op Dealership Solution since 1990.

No.  The dealer plate issued to you is for your use only.

No.  Only the Co-op Member is allowed to buy and sell cars under our program.

The monthly and $99 per car are the only fees to be a part of our Co-op Dealership Program.  However, there are other fees to consider such as tax, title and registration fees as well as FedEx fees, etc…  These fees are usually the responsibility of the customer purchasing the car.  The total fees involved with a vehicle purchase is usually less than $100 per car.

No you do not need a location to be part of our program.  All our Co-op Dealerships already have a location from which they operate.  However, you will need some place to store and/or work on the cars you purchase, but you can not display for sale any car, at any location, other than the approved dealership location.

No.  All our Co-op Dealerships are already existing and have a name.  Remember, we are not setting up a dealership just for you.  Rather, our Co-op Dealerships are comprised of multiple independent contractors, just like you.

We make every attempt to place members with a dealership in their state, but this is not always possible due to availability and other circumstances beyond our control.

We do have enough dealerships located throughout the US that we can typically place you with a Co-op Dealership in a neighboring state, if your state is not available.

All of our Co-op Dealerships have retail licenses.  This allows you to sell cars both wholesale (to other dealers), or retail (directly to the public).

Yes, our dealerships usually require a deposit for both auction access and the dealer plate.  Any deposits collected are fully refundable and are meant to cover any liabilities that the dealership incurs due to your actions.

No.  All of our Co-op Dealerships are already setup as Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s), affording you complete corporate protection.

Our program operates on a month-to-month basis.  We do collect a first and last month’s payment upfront, so you are committing to at least two months.  However, you can quit at anytime and your last month is already paid.

Your regular monthly payments start one month after your “Start Date“.

Your official “Start Date” begins about ten days after you have gained auction access and received your dealer plate.
This 10 day grace period gives you the time to research and visit dealer auctions you might be interested in attending, as well as allowing us to work out any problems and/or issues that might arise.
This ten day grace period ensures a full month worth of Co-op Dealership membership.

Our Co-op Dealerships are setup as either Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) or as Limited Partnerships (LP’s).

No. All of our Co-op Dealerships have protections in place such as well-written operating agreements, surety bonds, and in-house legal council specializing in our exact Co-op Dealer System.

Our legal structure is rock-solid and focused on protecting the dealership as well as each individual member.

We have successfully defended our Co-op Dealership Business Model over the last 28+ years nationwide and all of our Co-op Dealerships are professionally managed, on a daily basis, to comply with all Federal, State and local laws.

Rest assured that you are 100% protected with our system.

We have dealerships in 20 states and our program works nationwide.

Gain access to dealer only auctions and a fully insured dealer plate within 24 hours. What are you waiting for..?