Refund Policy

We have had thousands of customers since 1990 and we currently have over 500 members who earn a great income with this dealer license business opportunity..!

We have trained over 5000 people to buy and sell cars and can guarantee you that this dealer license business opportunity does work…but only if you do!

Please be advised that if your intent is to sit back, relax and expect that thousands of dollars will magically appear in your bank account without you doing the work, then our program is not for you.

Do not send your money if you do not intend to follow our refund policy.  You will not get a refund unless you follow the three conditions as clearly outlined in writing on this website..!

We are certain that if you follow these three conditions you will be successful in this business. Again, this dealer license business opportunity works, but only if you do!

The used car business is truly simple: buy a car…sell a car…make a profit.

Anyone with an open mind, good work ethic, and the ability to follow directions, can easily master the used car business and make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With 25 Co-op Dealerships and over 500 members we are the largest Dealer License Provider in the country.  Check out what our members have to say about us…